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Louis Ezrick
Founder and CEO, PT, MSPT

Louis is a native New Yorker who is committed to helping the community. He built a dynamic team of health and wellness professionals that treat clients at the Evolve Physical Therapy studios. Louis holds a Master's of Physical Therapy from SUNY Downstate College of Medicine and a Bachelors of Science from the University of Delaware. 


Christopher Desiderio
Clinical Director, DPT

I have always wanted a career in which I can truly help people and change their lives for the better, and thankfully through the skills and techniques that I have learned within the field of Physical Therapy I am able to live that dream on a daily basis. The human body is an amazing machine and it is my goal to rehabilitate, facilitate, and improve that machine to the best of my ability.

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Rathelky Gonzalez
Lead Fitness Specialist, ATC

I truly believe in the old adage that “laughter is the best medicine” and working at Evolve allows my sense of humor and positivity to come across to every patient that I meet. Nothing gives me a greater sense of satisfaction than seeing my patients get better and smile throughout their time with me.


Dror Betzalel
Physical Therapist, MSPT, DPT

Dror is someone who considers himself as a promoter of human happiness. He loves challenges, and says that his favorite patients are the ones with the most difficult cases. Now practicing Physical Therapy for over 20 years, he is determined to help all people, not just athletes, to get stronger on a daily basis.


Sarah Klein
Physical Therapist, DPT

Sarah spent a lot of time hearing that pain is “just a part of life” and that “everyone is in pain,” and she’s determined to change that way of thinking one patient at a time. She is driven to excel and master physical therapy for one reason, and one reason only: to help heal people and allow them to sustain and manage their own healing throughout their entire lives.


Nathan Kind
Physical Therapist, DPT


Nick Mazzone
Physical Therapist, DPT, CSCS

Nick received his doctorate in Physical Therapy from Stony Brook University. He has a strong background in strength and conditioning and aims to bridge the gap between strength training and physical therapy. Nick believes that a lifestyle centered around physical fitness and mental well-being are vital to one’s successes and happiness. For this reason, he educates his patients on pain science and helps empower them and motivate them to reach their goals every day.


Polina Kandova
Exercise Specialist


Elijah Castillo
Exercise Specialist


Patrick O’Leary
Exercise Specialist


Sandra Guadalupe
Administrative Assistant


Erica Seda
Administrative Assistant


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